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The shop will be closed January 31st and I will be gone April 2nd-10th, as I will be at my house in Belize. I will have some access to email and text messages in the evenings, but will not being doing any transactions. If you need something, you will need to work around those dates. I plan on taking some time off every 3 months for the next couple years and am looking forward to retirement after that.




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I have these in stock most of the time, and on display.

These are top performing balancers at an affordable price. They have all the features of the big guys. Standard features include dynamic, static and alloy capability, and a speed nut. The quick keypad data entry system makes tire balancing fast and efficient.

* Weight storage

* Pegs for accessories

* Speed nut, hammer and caliper standard

* Hood included

* 40mm shaft diameter

* Foot brake


* Data entry - Keypad

* Max tire diameter - 44"

* Rim width - 1.5"-20"

* Rim diameter 10"-24"

* Max wheel weight - 143 lbs

* Accuracy - 1 gram

* Power 110vac

* Cone sizes 2.5", 3.75", 6.25"

Shipping info

* Dimensions 46" x 32" x 46"

* Weight 350 lb

Warranty - 1 year parts

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